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Years may be old, but the market will more youthful

In the three years of the pestilence , we have lost growth, old concepts have become new burdens, old models have become new difficulties, traditional marketing has failed, and traditional models have failed.Ceramics is one of the few industries that has not lost its roots.At present, the epidemic situation is becoming normal, which clearly shows the opportunities and challenges of the industry. We have grown from test to test, and development from crisis to crisis.

In the era of the pestilence, The development model of enterprises has changed, and the threshold for entrepreneurship and employment has become higher. Enterprises need a new thinking and new driving force, and they also need to give young people the soil to grow up. They may make many mistakes like growing children, but they are willing to keep trying. This is something that many people do not want to do. After all, those who have experienced the glory of the market cannot accept the decline of the present, so they are more emotional and tired.Enterprises, like people, are also carrying heavy burdens and facing a lot of anxiety and confusion. Therefore, we need to change our thinking and track mode to reduce the burden of enterprises and reduce the pressure of employees. At the same time, we need to practice our internal skills to survive longer in the difficult environment, and it is easier to get the first chance when opportunities come.

As time goes on, the market remains the same.New thinking and old experience have their own divisions. It is the responsibility of old experience to keep a check on corporate strategy and management. The future is to give the market to more young people, who do not have traditional experience, connections and resources, but they have energy, physical strength, plasticity and new means


Post time: Jan-29-2023